Nicolas Ponzo has an extensive and varied history of providing mental health and related assessment and treatment services in a variety of settings and specific areas of practice.

His educational background includes undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, and graduate degrees in Clinical Social Work and Counseling Psychology.

n in practice for 29 years, and has worked and offered consultation services in psychiatric hospitals, child and adolescent treatment centers, addiction treatment and research centers, corporate and federal occupational settings, as well as in the area of program design and consultation, training, workshop, and in educational and teaching capacities.

Nicolas provides Employee Assistance, Critical Incident and consultation services for Magellan Health, and provides onsite services for trauma related issues in corporate and federal work settings.

He has also worked in teaching hospitals, provided training, field instruction, and supervision services to interns. In his extensive clinical and consultatitive capacity he has been exposed to and experienced a wide range of issues and offered assessment and treatment to specific populations or groups, including families, adults with depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, as well as for child and adolescent behavioral and emotional problems. Experience and practice areas also includes treatment of stress related issues, adjustment and phase of life issues, loss, trauma, abuse issues, OCD, and various adolescent emotional issues. Nicolas has worked and consulted in various facilities and in private practice settings as well as a part of multidisciplinary teams.

His work and areas of emphasis entails consulting to corporate, government and critical incident events and settings, as well as assessment, therapy, and consulting in a wide range of divorce, custody, and child and family adjustment to post-divorce issues. He is experienced in high-conflict and dispute resolution issues and offers Mediation and parent coordination services to parents involved with such issues. In addition, Nicolas provides Specialized Assessments and Reports, Child Interviews, and Reunification Therapy services. Nicolas consults to family law attorneys in forensic areas, and is an approved provider of services for the Family Courts of Las Vegas, Nevada.

His background, training and practice experience involves treatment and counseling with Individual adults, Children and Adolescents, as well as in Relationship and Marital Therapy, and Family Counseling.